Our Week Of Golf has just concluded … and what a wonderful week it was!

The weather was brilliant. We had sunny days all week and near full fields each day. We had kept our maximum to 184 participants to ensure that all players had plenty of time to complete their round in daylight. This was not a worry and all players need to be congratulated for keeping the field moving.

The Course was in superb condition, although many visitors found reading the Greens a little tricky. A few pin placements did test the Golfers. 10thGreenThe general opinion from all participants was that Murwillumbah is possibly the most picturesque Course that they have played on. This sentiment was echoed by Ian Vidler, Vice President NSWVGA who represented the NSW Veterans at Presentation on Friday Night.

A very big Thank You must be given to the band of Volunteers, Men and Ladies, who kept play moving by being Spotters and Bunker Rakers around the Greens. Thanks also to our Lolly Sherriff who was hot on the heels of slow play with the enticement of a “sugar hit”.

The week concluded with a Presentation Dinner on Friday Night. This was attended by 110 people who enjoyed the entertainment and camaraderie.

Ian Vidler presented the NSWVGA Mens’ Shield to Neville Smart from Cromer with a total of 72pts. This is the second time that Neville has won this shield. Neville won the inaugural Week Of Golf back in 2009. Congratulations!

The Ladies’ Shield (with equal prize money being made available by Murwillumbah Vets) was won by Margaret Whitby from Beverley Park with a total of 74pts. Congratulations as well!

Please find below a FULL LIST of WINNERS

Ray Kent (Vets Captain)

NSWVGA Men 36 Hole

Winner – Neville Smart (Cromer)    (33+39)                                                72pts                  1st Runner Up – Peter Elliott (Nelson Bay)   (31+38)                                   69pts c/b        2nd Runner Up – John Tallis (South West Rocks)   (32+37)                         69pts

NSWVGA Ladies 36 Hole

Winner – Margaret Whitby (Beverley Park)      (39+35)                                74pts              1st Runner Up – Janet Dodd (Beresfield Ladies)  (35+31)                            66pts              2nd Runner Up – Liz Browne (Coolangatta Tweed)    (30+34)                      64pts                                                                                                                                        4BBB Monday                                                                                                               Men’s Pairing                                                                                                                 Winners – Peter Young & Brian Dittman (Sandgate)                                   41pts               1st Runners Up – Peter Earner & Peter Dajcz (Sandgate)                          40pts c/b             Mixed Pairing                                                                                                              Winners – Margaret and Gordon Whitby (Beverley Park)                           47pts                  1st Runners Up – Kim and Steve McCrae (Howlong)                                 46pts                2nd Runners Up – Penny and Eric Hudson (Leeton)                                   43pts                3rd Runners Up – Liz and Nick Browne (Coolangatta Tweed)                     42pts c/b                               Tuesday                                                                                                                            A Grade – Men                                                                                                                 Winner – Tony Wilson (Tumut)                                                                   32pts c/b          1st Runner Up – Bryan Connor (Port Kembla)                                            32pts              2nd Runner Up – Dennis Crowe (Murwillumbah)                                          31pts c/b

B Grade – Men                                                                                                              Winner – Warren McAleece (Wantima)                                                       37pts                1st Runner Up – Paul Wilde (Moree)                                                           35pts               2nd Runner Up – Geoff Nation (Arundel Hills)                                              34pts

C Grade – Men                                                                                                              Winner – Ron Jinks (Berrigan)                                                                    34pts               1st Runner Up – Alan Matheson (Mt Warren Park)                                      33pts c/b         2nd Runner Up – John Starling (Port Kembla)                                              33pts c/b

Tuesday                                                                                                                      Division 1 – Ladies                                                                                                      Winner – Maree Ciavarella (Rich River)                                                         35pts              1st Runner Up – Cheryl Ashworth (Rich River)                                              30pts            2nd Runner Up – Vicki Atkins (Wyong)                                                          29pts c/b

Division 2 – Ladies                                                                                                        Winner – Janet Dodd (Beresfield Ladies)                                                      35pts             1st Runner Up – Janelle Jungblutt (Parkwood)                                              33pts           2nd Runner Up – Betty Ritchie (Muree)                                                          32pts c/b

Division 3 – Ladies                                                                                                        Winner – Margaret Whitby (Beverley Park)                                                     39pts              1st Runner Up – Patricia Neems (Sussex Inlet)                                               36pts           2nd Runner Up – Zel Turrell (Dubbo)                                                               30pts c/b

Thursday                                                                                                                                            A Grade – Men                                                                                                              Winner – Kev McDonald (Murwillumbah)                                                         38pts            1st Runner Up – Vern Roberts (Muree)                                                            36pts c/b        2nd Runner Up – Mario Suprano (Waratah)                                                      35pts

B Grade – Men                                                                                                                Winner – Kerry Atkins (Arundel Hills)                                                                39pts          1st Runner Up – Peter Elliott (Nelson Bay)                                                        38pts         2nd Runner Up – John Tallis (South West Rocks)                                              37pts

C Grade – Men                                                                                                             Winner – Neville Smart (Cromer)                                                                       38pts          1st Runner Up – Ron Dodd (Sugar Valley)                                                         37pts c/b     2nd Runner Up – George Grant (St Georges Basin)                                           37pts

Thursday                                                                                                                      Division 1 – Ladies                                                                                                        Winner – Nerida Edmonds (Port Kembla)                                                           37pts      1st Runner Up – Desley Harrington (Twin Towns Banora)                                    32pts c/b  2nd Runner Up – Jenny Coleman (Marysville)                                                      32pts c/b

Division 2 – Ladies                                                                                                           Winner – Jill Crozier (St Georges Basin)                                                              38pts       1st Runner Up – Carol Maher (Hawks Nest)                                                        33pts c/b 2nd Runner Up – Patricia Young (Howlong)                                                         33pts c/b

Division 3 – Ladies                                                                                                         Winner – Beryl Cowan (Northbridge)                                                                   35pts     1st Runner Up – Liz Browne (Coolangatta Tweed)                                                34pts c/b  2nd Runner Up – Dianne Starling (Port Kembla)                                                    34pts

Friday                                                                                                                                A Grade – Men                                                                                                              Winner – John Gibson (Merewether)                                                                     37pts     1st Runner Up – Grahame McCreath (Cromer)                                                      36pts    2nd Runner Up – Stanley Andrews (Murwillumbah)                                                33pts

B Grade – Men                                                                                                           Winner – Graham Roberts (Maclean)                                                                    38pts    1st Runner Up – Alex Roberson (Murwillumbah)                                                    37pts    2nd Runner Up – Ron Boundy (Shelly Beach)                                                        32pts c/b

C Grade – Men                                                                                                           Winner – John Teh (Redland Bay)                                                                       34pts        1st Runner Up – Graeme Ord (Eden Country)                                                      34pts     2nd Runner Up – Ian Reed (Mollymook)                                                                33pts c/b

Friday                                                                                                                           Division 1 – Ladies                                                                                                      Winner – Jenette Ord (Murrumbidgee)                                                                  29pts    1st Runner Up – Pam Messenger (Maffra)                                                             28pts c/b  2nd Runner Up – Helen Robinson (South West Rocks)                                          27pts c/b

Division 2 – Ladies                                                                                                        Winner – Rayleen Decker (Nudgee)                                                                       31pts c/b 1st Runner Up – Nancy Neinert (Murwillumbah)                                                      31pts  2nd Runner Up – Robyn Halloran (Murwillumbah)                                                   30pts c/b

Division 3 – Ladies                                                                                                     Winner – Beverly Bellman (Marysville)                                                                    33pts    1st Runner Up – Judy Bradford (Murwillumbah)                                                      32pts2nd Runner Up – Sue Armstrong (Georges River)                                                        30pts c/b

Scratch Stableford for Low Markers Men                                                               1st     Ashley Rennie – GA H/Cap 6.0 (Beverley Park)      25+26 = 51pts                       2nd    David Potts – GA H/Cap 6.1 (Wyong)                     24/26 = 50pts

Straight Drive                                                                                                                    Monday –  Ladies – Lyn Strutt (Coolangatta Tweed) (On The Line)                         Monday –  Men – John Heiss (Mt Warren Park) (33cms)

Tuesday –      Ladies – Liz Browne (Coolangatta Tweed (1cm)                                             Tuesday –       Men – Mario Suprano (Waratah) (On The Line)

Thursday –    Ladies – Patricia Young (Howlong) (36cms)                                    Thursday –    Men – Paul Jones (Murwillumbah) (3cms)

Friday –       Ladies – Beryl Cowan (Northbridge) (On The Line)                                            Friday –       Men – Tony Wilson (Tumut) (6cms)

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