Travelling Vets

IMG_4901Each year our Veteran Group has had two opportunities to travel away. This year we are adding a THIRD TRIP

The first is a Three Day Trip to Tenterfield. This year the dates will be Tuesday 13 March 2018 to Thursday 15 March 2018. Please put your name down on the Nomination Sheet to be included. The COST (with Subsidy of $70.00) is $160.00.

This trip is subsidised by the Veterans on a pro-rata basis. Eligibilty for subsidy is determined by the number of Monday games played since the last Tenterfield Trip (2016). To gain the full subsidy one must have played at least 10 games. For each game less than 10 there is a 10% reduction of subsidy.

Our Travelling Veterans’ Captain, Col Hulme, has all the details. These will be posted here in the near future.

The NEW second trip away is to Lakelands. This course is up next to Palm Meadows. The COST (with subsidy of $32.00) is $60.00. Please put your name down on the Nomination Sheet on the Vet Notice Board

The third is our usual Day Trip to The Glades. This year the day is Thursday 15 November 2018. Tee Times have been booked for a SHOT GUN START at  7.58am Qld Time.

Again this is a subsidised trip with the COST (with Subsidy of $30.00) being $50.00. The same criteria for eligibility for subsidy as stated above is applied to all participants.

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