Voucher and Ball Collection Policy

At the Veterans’ Committee Meeting Monday 6 May 2019 a Voucher and Ball Collection Policy was adopted. Please read the following …

Policy: Distribution of Vouchers and Balls on regular Monday Veterans ‘ Golf Days 

  1. Vouchers … Vouchers for Winners and Runners-Up in all Grades will be deposited in the Main Club’s Loyalty Points Box if not collected on the day, unless there is a nominated person to pick up the Voucher for the recipient
  2. Ball Rundown … This is displayed on the Results Sheet which is posted on the Vets’ Notice Board (adjacent to the Computer Screens) at the conclusion of each Monday’s Event. At Presentation each Monday, the Balls are handed out and the Ball Rundown Sheet is marked with a TICK to indicate that the Ball has been collected. The name of the person who collected the Ball on your behalf is recorded as well. If the Ball has not been collected at Presentation, then a DOT is placed next to Recipient’s name. This Sheet will remain on the Board for TWO MONDAYS ONLY after which it will be removed. Thereafter, any uncollected Balls will be FORFEITED.
    It is your responsibility to check this sheet for any Ball not collected.
  3. Nearest The Pin Winners … This is a prize of four golf balls to the winner, and, although not compulsory, the Committee believes it is customary and polite for the winner to give one ball each to his/her playing partners.
    The Nearest The Pin winners have the following options available to them
    (a) Pick up the prize at Presentation on the day
    (b) Designate a nominated person on that day to collect the prize for them
    (c) If NO person is nominated to collect the NTP Prize, then the Four Balls will                revert to One Ball, and will be noted on the posted sheet, and treated in the                same way as any Ball Rundown uncollected Ball (see 2. Ball Rundown ABOVE)

Veterans’ Committee