Brochure 2023 and Newsletters

Page 1 2023 Week Of Golf Brochure
Page 2 2023 Week Of Golf Brochure

Click Here > Week of Golf Brochure 2023 V2 to VIEW or DOWNLOAD the two page 2023 brochure that has been produced to provide all the information you will need, to make a decision to join us here in Murwillumbah for our 15th Week Of Golf … 31 July – 4 August 2023.

NEWSLETTERS … In the Lead Up to our Week Of Golf, Newsletters will be published here to keep you up to date.

Click on the latest Newsletter highlighted below to Download a .pdf

Watch out for the following dates when these Newsletters will be Published … Simply CLICK on the BLUE Newsletter to DOWNLOAD when available.

NEWSLETTER Nº 2 … approximately 1 February 2023
NEWSLETTER Nº 3 … approximately 1 April 2023
NEWSLETTER Nº 4 … approximately 1 June 2023
approximately 1 July 2023

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