Handicap Divisions

The Daily 18 Hole Stableford Events, Mens and Ladies, will be played in 3 Grades determined by an equal / appropriate distribution of Handicaps

Men … (Upper Limit 36) … 3 Grades

Ladies … (Upper Limit 45) … 3 Grades

Grades for this Tournament will be decided using the GOLF AUSTRALIA handicap. All participants’ names will be posted to show which Grade / Division in which they will play. Each day’s play will be played off the adjusted handicap once Murwillumbah SLOPE is applied.

Men off WHITE TEES – Slope 125 … Ladies off RED TEES – Slope 126.

When handicaps are adjusted to our Course Slope, the competitor remains in the Grade in which he/she was first placed even though your Daily Playing Handicap may place you over or under your allotted Grade / Division

These will be set prior to Tournament and posted on Notice Board. There will be approximately equal numbers in each Grade / Division

Field Limit … 200

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