Conditions of Play

  • All entrants must be members of affiliated bodies of a Veteran Golfer’s Association (Membership cards must be made available upon request)
  • 36 Hole NSWVGA Competition …
  • PLEASE NOTE: Players who are not members of NSWVGA cannot win the NSWVGA Shields and Vouchers or Vouchers associated with second and third, but are eligible to win the Daily 18 hole events.
  • If you are not a Member of NSWVGA, you may join NSWVGA through the Tournament Director by completing the section in the On-Line Form when entering or at the event if you so wish. This process then deems you eligible to WIN these NSWVGA Shields and Vouchers (or 2nd or 3rd Vouchers)

– Men will use 1st Tee on Tuesday and 10th Tee on Thursday.

–  Ladies and Mixed Couples sharing carts will use 10th Tee on Tuesday and 1st Tee on Thursday

  • Handicaps will be adjusted on a daily basis in line with the currently displayed Golf Link handicap
  • Initial Grades will remain for the 36 hole (Tuesday / Thursday) NSWVGA Event. Handicaps will be adjusted on a daily basis in line with currently displayed Golf Link handicap for daily events.
  • There will be NO handicap reductions made on the Monday’s 4BBB event.
  • All competitions shall be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf and any modification thereof as set out in the local rules of the Course being played.
  • There will be NO ASSISTANCE offered to a playing partner in the Single Stableford Events. This is particularly important to Partners playing together in a Cart. You are playing two separate Competitions. Any Coaching or Advising being offered is a Breach Of Rule. A General Penalty of Two Strokes will be applied (see Rule 10.2 – Assistance and Guidance, and Rule 1.3 – Play By The Rules.
  • Players are to check Local Rules before Teeing Off each Day
  • All Golfers play at their own risk. The tournament committee, sponsors, Golf Club and other suppliers accept no liability for any death, injury, property loss or damage incurred or arising out of any aspect of the conduct of the tournament
  • Week of Golf entrants will be entitled to win one prize only as allocated by the Match Committee in accordance with the tournament event’s priority listing, with the exception of the NSWVGA “Week of Golf” trophies, ball competitions, the 4BBB event and the American Foursome Event. 4BBB trophies will be presented at the Thursday Presentation Dinner on 16 September 2021, along with the NSWVGA Shield for Men and the Murwillumbah Shield for Ladies. The American Foursome Event prizes will be presented on Friday 17 September 2021 following the conclusion of the Round
  • Starting times will be advised three weeks prior to Day 1 of the Week Of Golf. This will be done by email and also posted on our Website (Draw)
  • Report to Starter 15 minutes prior to allocated Hit-Off time
  • Unless by special request, players will, wherever possible, have different playing partners and varying Tee-times each day, viz one Early and one Later Tee Slot. This is to ensure that we condense and balance the fields, both in the Early and Later Time Slots. This may mean that some Players are moved to an Early Time Slot on one day.
  • Please wear Name Tag at all times.
  • Arrangements for Motorised Carts is the responsibility of the individual and not the Tournament Committee. You must book your Cart on the On-Line Registration Form.
  • Please arrange for collection of trophies if not attending presentation
  • All requests for changes or cancellations are to be made in writing or by email
  • Refund of all Entry Fees up to 15 August 2021. Thereafter, a $10.00 administration fee is charged for each competitor. NO REFUND will be made for any DINNER CANCELLATION made after Tuesday 14 September 2021. Any refund due after 14 September 2021 will be made AFTER the conclusion of the Week Of Golf and will be by Direct Deposit.

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