2014 Week Of Golf Results

Congatulations to ALL Place-Getters. Where NAMES appear in RED this signifies that the Participant actually finished in that position, but due to the Policy of ensuring that Players can only win One Prize in the Single Competitions, other participants have been promoted to receive the prize. This enables more participants to receive prizes. The participants taken out of 1st, 2nd, or 3rd have received a Prize to a Higher $$$ Value on another day.

NSWVGA Men 36 Hole

Winner – Bryan Connor (Port Kembla)                                             77pts c/b

1st Runner Up – Jim Forrester (Shelley Beach)                                 77pts

2nd Runner Up – Neville Smart (Cromer)                                           74pts

NSWVGA Ladies 36 Hole

Winner – Anne McGregor (The Coast)                                              71pts

1st Runner Up – Michelle Price (The Coast)                                       70pts

2nd Runner Up – Judy Stephen (Coolangatta Tweed)                        66pts c/b

4BBB Monday … Tri Care (Sponsor)

Men’s Pairing

Winners – Dennis Robbie (Riverside Oaks) & Lynn Astley (Cromer)                   47pts

1st Runners Up – Ivan Barnes (Penguin Tas) & Bryan Connor (Pt Kembla)       44pts

Mixed Pairing

Winners – Gerri and Trevor Brumpton (Keperra)                                                44pts c/b

1st Runners Up – Ingrid and Helmuth Bassen (Morisset)                                    44pts

2nd Runners Up – Anne and Bill McGregor (The Coast)                                      43pts c/b

3rd Runners Up – Diane and Kevin McInnes (Howlong)                                      43pts


A Grade – Men

{Winner – Jim Forrester (Shelly Beach)                                                               40pts}

Winner – Gary Jacobson (Murwillumbah)                                                           34ptsc/b

{1st Runner Up – Bryan Connor}                                                                       37pts

1st Runner Up – Bob McManus (Tallwoods)                                                       34pts

2nd Runner Up – Ian Armour (Murwillumbah)                                                      31pts

B Grade – Men

Winner – Nick Browne (Coolangatta Tweed)                                                      36pts

1st Runner Up – Paul Michael (Murwillumbah)                                                    35pts

2nd Runner Up – Trevor Wilson-Brown (Bellingen)                                             33pts c/b

2nd Runner Up – John Stirling (Keperra)                                                             33pts c/b

C Grade – Men

Winner – Mike Lackey (Murwillumbah)                                                               40pts

1st Runner Up – Brian Turrell (Dubbo)                                                                35pts

2nd Runner Up – Roy Stephen (Coolangatta Tweed)                                         34pts c/b

2nd Runner Up – James Cramp (Cabramatta)                                                   33pts c/b

D Grade – Men

Winner – Dennis Robbie (Riverside Oaks)                                                         37pts

1st Runner Up – Neville Smart (Cromer)                                                            37pts

1st Runner Up – Len Evans (Wynnum)                                                              34pts

2nd Runner Up – Ian Betenson (Mona Vale)                                                       33pts


Division 1 – Ladies

Winner – Diane Wolfe (Wodonga)                                                                      31pts

1st Runner Up – Irene McCormack (Murwillumbah)                                           30pts c/b

2nd Runner Up – Barbara Blunden (Murwillumbah)                                            30pts

Division 2 – Ladies

Winner – Patricia Stirling (Keperra)                                                                    36pts

1st Runner Up – Gerri Brumpton                                                                       30pts

2nd Runner Up – Noela Evans (Wynnum)                                                          29pts

Division 3 – Ladies

Winner – Michelle Price (The Coast)                                                                  39pts

Winner – Lyn Anderson (Murwillumbah)                                                            34pts

1st Runner Up – Judy Stephen (Coolangatta Tweed)                                        32pts

1st Runner Up – Elizabeth Jackman (Kiama)                                                     31pts c/b

2nd Runner Up – Yvonne Burnett ( Kew)                                                           31pts

Division 4 – Ladies

Winner – Anne McGregor (The Coast)                                                              38pts

Winner – Nyorie Smart (Cromer)                                                                      38pts

1st Runner Up – Liz Browne (Coolangatta Tweed)                                            36pts

2nd Runner Up – Mary McManus (Tallwoods)                                                    33pts


A Grade – Men

Winner – Bryan Connor (Port Kembla)                                                             40pts

Winner – Ian Vidler (Nambacca Heads)                                                            37ptsc/b

1st Runner Up – Trevor Wilson-Brown (Bellingen)                                             37pts

2nd Runner Up – Jim Forrester (Shelly Beach)                                                 36pts

2nd Runner Up – Paul Olsen (Tocumwal)                                                         34pts

2nd Runner Up – Greg Armstrong (Port Macquarie)                                          32pts

B Grade – Men

Winner – Ross Carroll (Parkwood)                                                                   41pts

1st Runner Up – Roy Stephen (Coolangatta Tweed)                                         37pts

2nd Runner Up – Gordon Bray (Camden)                                                        34pts

2nd Runner Up – Bill McGregor (The Coast)                                                     33pts

C Grade – Men

Winner – Grahame Price (The Coast)                                                              38pts c/b

1st Runner Up – Max Glanville (Long Reef)                                                      38pts

2nd Runner Up – Neville Smart (Cromer)                                                         36pts c/b

2nd Runner Up – Lynn Astley (Cromer)                                                           36pts c/b

2nd Runner Up – Roger Wecker (Murwillumbah)                                              36pts c/b


Division 1 – Ladies

Winner – Lynn Strutt (Coolangatta Tweed)                                                      35pts

1st Runner Up – Diane Wolfe (Wodonga)                                                        30pts c/b

1st Runner Up – Maree Cousins (Nelson Bay)                                                 30pts c/b

2nd Runner Up – Maree Gledhill (The Vintage)                                                 30pts

Division 2 – Ladies

Winner – Sue Wilson-Brown (Bellingen)                                                         35pts

1st Runner Up – Judy Stephen (Coolangatta Tweed)                                     34pts c/b

1st Runner Up – Beverley Bellman (Marysville)                                                34pts

2nd Runner Up – Jenny Smith (Cambelltown)                                                 32pts

Division 3 – Ladies

Winner – Carole Baldwin (Randwick)                                                              35pts

1st Runner Up – Linda Turner (Murwillumbah)                                                 34pts

2nd Runner Up – Ingrid Bassen (Morisset)                                                       33pts

Friday … GIO … (Sponsor)

A Grade – Men

Winner – Paul Olsen (Tocumwal)                                                                      39pts

1st Runner Up – Kerry Bullen (Murwillumbah)                                                   36pts

2nd Runner Up – Kevin McDonald (Murwillumbah)                                           35pts c/b

B Grade – Men

Winner – Lynn Astley (Cromer)                                                                         39pts

1st Runner Up – Gordon Bray (Camden)                                                          37pts

2nd Runner Up – Kevin McInnes (Howlong)                                                      35pts

C Grade – Men

Winner – Tony Ciavarella (Rich River)                                                               35pts c/b

1st Runner Up – Max Glanville (Long Reef)                                                      35pts c/b

1st Runner Up – Ron Dodd (Sugar Valley)                                                        35pts

2nd Runner Up – Tom Chilcott (Murwillumbah)                                                 33pts

Friday … GIO … (Sponsor)

Division 1 – Ladies

Winner – Lynn Strut (Coolangatta Tweed)                                                        34pts

Winner – Janet East (Murwillumbah)                                                                30pts

1st Runner Up – Diane Wolfe (Wodonga)                                                         28pts

1st Runner Up – Patricia Lumley (Coffs Harbour)                                              27pts

2nd Runner Up – Jeanette Born (Murwillumbah)                                               26pts

Division 2 – Ladies

Winner – Carole Baldwin (Randwick)                                                                35pts

Winner – Janet Dodd (Beresfield Ladies)                                                          33pts

1st Runner Up – Sue Wilson-Brown (Bellingen)                                                32pts c/b

1st Runner Up – Margaret Whitby (Beverley Park)                                             32pts c/b

2nd Runner Up – Judy Stephen (Coolangatta Tweed)                                       32pts

2nd Runner Up – Dorothy Packham (Charlestown)                                            31pts

Division 3 – Ladies

Winner – Janet Wilson (Tumut)                                                                         37pts

1st Runner Up – Barbara Rennie (Beverley Park)                                               34pts c/b

2nd Runner Up – Valerie Reed (Mollymook)                                                       34pts

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