Draw 2019

The Draw will be done for each day once Registrations Close on 30 June 2019

These will be posted below as soon as possible after the Closing Date.
Monday’s Draw has been Posted. Tuesday’s Draw will follow shortly.
Thursday and Friday’s Draws will be completed and published on Tuesday


(Please find below the 2019 Murwillumbah Week Of Golf Draw)

(The Final Draw for MONDY is now ready to view). Please CLICK on the respective days to VIEW the Draw for that day. If you wish to DOWNLOAD to your computer, simply FILE and SAVE. If You wish to PRINT a COPY of any Page, just go to PRINT.

Please check Spelling and Golf Link Number.

1. 1. WOG 2019 Draw Monday_Tee1

2. 2. WOG 2019 Draw Monday_Tee10

3. WOG 2019 Draw Tuesday_Tee1

4. WOG 2019 Draw Tuesday_Tee10

5. WOG 2019 Draw Thursday_Tee1

6. WOG 2019 Draw Thursday_Tee10

7. WOG 2019 Draw Friday_Tee1

8. WOG 2019 Draw Friday_Tee10

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