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Eclectic_Final Sort 2018

Eclectic_Final Sort 2019

Eclectic in 2020 … Due to Covid-19 … Eclectic CANCELLED


John Belshaw will be collating all results this year. He will be sending me an updated list each week which I will then convert to a pdf file and upload here for you to view. CLICK on Eclectic 2021 above if Eclectic starts in 2021

A very big ‘Thank You’ to John for taking on this role.

The first Round of the Eclectic  begins at the start of the year and will conclude on the last Monday in October of that year.

You have been placed in a graded list – BLUE – A Grade, RED – B Grade, GREEN – C Grade. You will remain in this Grade throughout the coming year, irrespective of any reduction or increase in your GA Handicap.

Every Veteran Player who plays on a Monday, has been credited with a Double Bogey on each hole to begin the year. The rest is up to you.

John will take home ALL cards for the Monday’s Round and enter the updated holes. How easy is that. Everything is being done for you. Just keep playing your best golf to have the ‘best score’ on that elusive hole.

Published here each week will be an updated .pdf of the Eclectic being conducted this year. CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD or VIEW … Current_Eclectic

Please Note … That any SHORTENED HOLES or TEMPORARY GREENS will not count as an Eclectic Entry for that Round – Nor will any 4BBBAmbrose Events, Stringball Events etc.

The Winners (in Grades) will be determined by their Finishing Handicap on 31 October of the current year, with half their GA finishing handicap taken away from their finishing gross score.

Gary Fidler – Captain

John Belshaw – Vice Captain

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