Weekly Results


MONDAY 8 July 2019 17 Veterans Played
The weather has not been conducive to Golf over the past week. Carts were “OFF” today but the Course was OPEN. Compulsory Tee-Up was the Local Rule.

With only 17 Players, only a One Grade Competition (Single Stableford) was played, with the following scores returned ... NO ECLECtIC today
Winner – Roger Wecker
 (14) – 41pts
Runners-Up – James Junor (25) – 39pts
… and Ball Rundown to 30pts 
Roger Wecker – 41pts
James Junor – 39pts
Ken Lowes – 36pts
Peter Van Trier – 34pts cb
Alan Thorley – 34pts
Arthur Collings – 33pts c/b
Bryan McClelland – 32pts
Paul Walden- 30pts

Bradman Winner … Guy Holl0way – 23pts C/up

MONDAY 15 July 2019 56 Veterans Played
A Grade
Winner – Arthur Collings
 (16) – 37pts
Runners-Up -Graeme Sharp (14) – 34pts
B Grade
Winner – Allan Barrow (19) – 37pts
Runners-Up -Paul Kennett (20) – 36pts
C Grade
Winner – Tom Chillcott (33) – 36pts
Runners-Up -Val Gravelis (28) – 35pts
… and Ball Rundown to 32pts A
Arthur Collings – 37pts c/b (collected Barry May)
Allan Barrow – 37pts
Paul Kennett – 36pts c/b (collected John Belshaw)
Tom Chillcott – 36pts (collected John Belshaw)
Val Gravelis – 34pts
Kevin Dawson – 33pts c/b
William Hill – 33pts c/b
Paul Verrall- 33pts c/b (collected Paul Verrall)
Ken Lowes – 33pts c/b
Eddie Todd – 33pts c/b
John Kennaugh – 33pts
Ed Sherwood – 32pts c/b (not collected)
Peter Fleming – 32pts c/b (collected Greg Kenny)
Gary Duncan – 32pts c/b (collected Kevin Blyth)
Neil MacLennan – 32pts c/b (collected Ray Kent)
John Belshaw – 32pts c/b
Barry May – 32pts c/b
John Andrews – 32pts c/b (collected Mick Calvert)
John Mason – 32pts c/b
Bryan McClelland – 32pts

Bradman Winner … Gary Hughes – 24pts C/up



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